Our Foundation & Founders

Bishops College  one of the oldest girls’ schools in Sri Lanka was established in 1857.  It was closed down twice, until it was officially re-established in 1875.

The Bishop of the time, Bishop James Chapman and his wife Frances saw the need for a school to teach, the girls of the elite families, western values. The school which was started in their residence in Mutwal to fulfill this need, was named Bishopsgate School.  Subsequently this was shut down following the death of Mrs Long, the Principal. The school which reopened for the second time  was relocated  to the residence of Bishop Copleston in Darley Road.

The instability created by the frequent change of Principals was steadied by the intervention, on the invitation of the Bishop, of the sisters of St. Margret’s. The school began to flourish under the influence of the sisters, starting with sister Angela.

In 1892 Bishop Copleston, moved the school to a new location on Boyd Place.  With the move came a change of name to Bishops College.  In 1929 a magnificent building on Turret Road called Elscourt was gifted to the school by Mrs Maud Peiris. Due to the distance to the main school this edifice was sold and a building closer to the school was purchased. At present the school still stands in this location.